【Sunway University】Postgraduate Diploma In Primary Care For Elderly)

Postgraduate Diploma In Primary Care For Elderlyは、世界的な人口の高齢化と医学分野での複雑さに対処するために、老年医学の高度な知識とスキルを身につけられます。このプログラムは、高齢者の患者を管理する上で思いやりとホリスティックなアプローチを持てるよう、有能で熟練した医療従事者を目指し、学習します。





1 Year (Full time)
2 Years (Part time)


In collaboration with the MSGM (Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine)


  • Primary Care Geriatrics
  • Researcher in Elderly Care
  • Lecturer
  • Licensee for Nursing Home
  • Analyst for Primary Care Geriatrics
  • Advisor for pharmaceuticals / nutritional products for elderly
  • Track to specialist training
  • Educators for allied healthcare and carers of elderly




  • Fundamentals of Geriatric Medicine
  • General Medical Condition in Older Persons: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases
  • Communication, Counselling and Cognitive Spectrum Disorders, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Ageing
  • General Medical Condition in Older Persons: Metabolic Renal and Musculoskeletal Diseases
  • Preventive Health, Rehabilitation and Integrated Care of the Older Person
  • Postural Instability and Falls
  • General Medical Condition in Older Persons: Nervous, Endocrine, Gastroenterology and Genitourinary Diseases


  • Psychology and Ageing
  • Nutrition and Oral Health in the Older Person
  • Death and Dying in Older Person


  • At least 1 year of post housemanship experience
  • Minimum 6-months direct patient care and/or in clinical medicine
  • Registered Malaysia Medical Council (MMC) members or equivalent

Mode of Delivery

  • Work Based Learning
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Clinical Attachments
  • Discussions
  • Project
  • Online & Blended Learning

Special Instructions

  • The duration for each module is 6 weeks.
  • Every week there is a live stream of 4 hours.
  • Clinical attachment is 3 days every 6 weeks.
  • Weekend Workshops and face to face learning for 2 days every 3 months.


1.Candidates can download the application form at https://university.sunway.edu.my/apply

2.If you are busy with work and unable come to campus for registration, candidates can email to shms@sunway.edu.my / reginas@sunway.edu.my the scanned copy of the application form and academic transcripts to enable us to gauge eligibility to enrol for this programme & we will issue a conditional offer – subject to verification of original documents.

3.You are required to bring and submit the certified true copy during orientation to the Registry. If the applicant has submitted their certified true copy of documents and met the entry requirement, an offer without conditions will be issued.

4.All application forms are to be attached with the following documents:

  • Academic qualifications/ results – certificates & complete transcripts
  • Annual Practising Certificate (Registered Medical Officer)
  • Evidence/record of at least 1 year working experience post-housemanship
  • Evidence/record of current place of practice
  • A copy of Identity Card (Malaysian students) / Passport (International students)
  • 2 passport size photographs with names written at the back of it

5.Minimum payment of RM700 (Enrolment Fee) or full payment (For those who only made payment for enrolment fee, balance of fees will be have to be paid before or on the orientation day)

6.Payment can be made online via https://epayment.sunway.edu.my

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Postgraduate Diploma

【Sunway University】Postgraduate Diploma In Primary Care For Elderly)

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